BISIP is compatible with Python 3.6+.


The following packages are required and should be installed automatically on setup:

These optional packages are used for progress bars and corner plots:

Package managers

TODO: Add BISIP to conda-forge.

From source

BISIP is developed on GitHub. Clone the repository to your computer. Then navigate to the bisip directory. Finally run the script with Python.

git clone
cd bisip2
python install -f


To test if everything was installed correctly, do the following:

# Last tested on Python 3.7.3 (default, Mar 27 2019, 16:54:48)
import bisip

If everything is OK the code will load a data file and perform inversion of a data file using various models. Then it will print the best parameters and plot traces and fit quality for the last model used. At the end, you should see the following line:

All tests passed. Press ctrl+C or close figure windows to exit.